Video-Powered Experiences for Finance

Trust is the financial industry’s most important currency. Be the financial institution that customers rely upon by using video-powered experiences to strengthen relationships and provide value at each moment of consequence. Leading financial institutions have used video-powered experiences to realize a 29% increase in digital tool adoption, a 48-point increase in Net Promoter Score, and a 12% increase in account applications.

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Welcome & Onboard Account Holders

Create strong relationships with customers from the very beginning. Welcome and onboard new account holders with video-powered experiences at moments of opportunity that will encourage the use of digital products and services. Explain, provide resources, and offer valuable tools that increase financial product enrollments and help new account holders feel they’re a valued member of your community while migrating customers to more efficient digital-first relationships. 

Video-Powered Experiences Deliver Breakthrough Outcomes:

  • Increase digital tool adoption
  • Drive card utilization
  • Lift online account enrollment


Educate & Engage Account Holders

Helping customers reach their goals is your goal. Clarify financial complexities with video-powered experiences that educate, guide, and illuminate at every moment of confusion and decision-making. Through your account holders’ journeys, video-powered experiences can help set and meet goals that  inspire loyalty and long-term relationships.

Video-Powered Experiences Deliver Breakthrough Outcomes:

  • Lift digital self-service tool adoption
  • Increase investment contributions
  • Raise Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer satisfaction (CSAT)

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Elevate Customer Care

Account holder care never ceases. From renewing accounts to concerns about possible fraud, video-powered experiences offer support when customers need it most. By providing tailored information, education, and the most suitable course of action at every moment of question and concern, customers feel their needs are being met and become comfortable using digital services, thereby promoting loyalty and reducing customer service calls.

Video-Powered Experiences Deliver Breakthrough Outcomes:

  • Reduce call center and customer care costs
  • Increase awareness of services and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Lift mobile app and feature usage

Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Loyal customers are gold. Video-powered experiences provide the individual information that begets commitment and customer satisfaction. Demystifying rewards value at a moment of obscurity and offering individualized benefits and deals, video-powered experiences create the valuable and faithful customers who will sing your praises and bring long-term value.

Video-Powered Experiences Deliver Breakthrough Outcomes:

  • Increase benefits awareness and customer satisfaction
  • Raise Net Promoter Score (NPS) & J.D. Power ratings impact
  • Reduce card attrition and increase card member spend


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