The competition for enduring customer relationships has never been fiercer.

Customer experience (CX) lies at the heart of this competition, and brands are focusing massive resources on digital experience optimization: mapping customer journeys, analyzing every customer touchpoint, leveraging more and more data, and optimizing every business-critical experience. 

In spite of these efforts, existing CX investments are failing to break through at moments of consequence across customer journeys, leaving consumers stuck in moments of confusion, frustration, indecision, or pain. These high-stakes moments – where consumer emotions are often in play, where the “why” behind motivations to take action is unclear, and where flat content does not fully communicate a message or captivate the consumer – can derail customer journeys, and relationships that take years to build can be broken in an instant. 

The future of digital business success hinges on finding a new CX strategy to win at these key moments of consequence and drive breakthrough business outcomes.

The strategic imperative for brands is to transform CX with a new generation of digital experiences – video-powered experiences – that engage and inspire consumers to action at moments of consequence. In short, brands must fundamentally rethink video, shifting away from the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional, tactical video, with its linear narratives and one-to-many approach, to dynamic, individualized video-powered experiences that strategically activate data and intelligent automation to generate outcomes at scale.

SundaySky pioneered a powerful Video Experience Platform to transform CX, enabling brands to deliver video-powered experiences that drive breakthrough outcomes at moments of consequence across customer journeys.

More Fortune 500 digital marketers and customer experience professionals trust SundaySky than any other provider to deliver video-powered experiences that transform high-stakes moments of consumer frustration, confusion or indecision into moments of engagement that delight and inspire customers to action. Headquartered in New York City, SundaySky has additional offices in Tel Aviv and Tokyo and is the only SOC II and HIPAA-compliant video-powered experience company in North America. To date, SundaySky has activated more than 3B video-powered experiences – 2B in last 24 months. Proven with companies like 1-800 Contacts, Bank of America, StaplesUnited HealthcareVerizon, and many others, SundaySky’s unparalleled platform and unmatched domain expertise equip brands to achieve step-change business results and quantifiable value from increased revenue, reduced costs, lower churn, and higher customer satisfaction.

By the Numbers

  • Founded in Tel Aviv: 2008
  • Three global offices: New York headquarters, Tel Aviv technology center, Tokyo
  • Global employees: More than 165
  • Video-powered experiences activated to date: More than 3 billion
  • Funding raised to date: $77.2 million through Series E round
  • Telecommunications customers: Four of the top 10 MSO providers and two of the top four wireless carriers
  • Ecommerce customers: Thirteen of the top 50 Internet retailers
  • Insurance customers: Seven of the top 10 insurers
  • Healthcare customers: Four of the top 10 healthcare insurers
  • Banking customers: Three of the top four banks



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